Marketing automation
made simpler and smarter*

*smarter: Intelligence gained through analytics, customer behaviour and demographics turned into action in less than a second.
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Scenarios and actions.

Just like a scenario script, 8digits provides you native English sentences, you just fill in the blanks, select actions and go! Here are some valid scenarios and actions:

If a customer has at least 500 followers on Twitter

If a customer's Klout score is more than 50

If a customer has looked at the same product for the 5th time

If a customer gets an error message

If a customer buys something more expensive than $2000


Call the boss and say "Congrats! You've earned 2000 dollars!"

Show him/her a feedback form.

Send him/her an e-mail offering an alternative product.

Send him/her an SMS offering %5 discount.

Start following him/her automatically on Twitter.

Do you have a problem?
We have a scenario for that!

Your visitors are bouncing? Your revenues are decreasing? You have high traffic but low profits? Our problem solver is at your service! It’ll offer you pre-written scenarios to try. Remember, there is no single solution to each problem. With 8digits, you can try as many strategies you want until you find the most accurate solution for your business. Browse Scenarios

The vital part!

Actions are the smart shortcuts that help you deepen your relationship with your audience. (e.g. "Follow them on Twitter, Send an e-mail") You can activate and use multiple actions at the same time.
Tags. Your little (or big) helpers!
You can create tags if you want to see your visitors in segments for special purposes such as campaigns for your best buyers, discounts for new customers etc. (e.g. "new customers", "Facebook users", "Twitter users")
Instant Messaging
Get in touch. Right from your IM client!
Use your IM client to chat and get in touch with your customers. Learn about their issues in a matter of seconds and offer solutions, information, best deals etc.
Instant Polls
Instant polls. Learn more about your customers!
Need to identify customer trends or learn more about your target audience? Ask them whatever and whenever you want through instant polls.
Phone Calls
Make yourself heard. With text-to-speech technology.
A call might worth a lot! If you already have their phone numbers, 8digits enables you to call your customers after they complete a scenario that you’ve previously set. Just write your message, convert it to a speech and make a call.
Send SMS to yourself or your customers. No matter wherever they are!
Don’t forget (and be afraid) to use “traditional” communication channels. Send text messages to your users, potential buyers and visitors to.
Realtime customer ranking. You set the rules, we rank 'em!
Yes you’ve read it right! 8digits ranks each of your visitors according to their digital behaviours. Set your criterias, scrutinize their behaviours, we run the logic.
Notification bars, windows & pop-ups
We provide you the a full set of tools to reach out, acquire, engage and retain your audience. Choose to your heart’s content. All in a single interface!

Actually, we have a lot more... Just check inside...

Simple as ABC!

Integration is an easy process. Follow the instructions, create your unique tracking code and add it to your website's source code. If you wonder what lies beyond the horizon, you can add more tracking features at anytime.
  • Enter your
    website info
  • Paste integration code
    in your website
  • Begin to use
  • Simple &

    Don't be afraid. You don't need to be a techie, a geek, an IT person etc. to use the 8digits platform. We kept everything simple. Just login and start experiencing it.

  • 20+ actions triggered
    in less than a second

    We provide you a wide collection of useful actions which will enable you to reach out and engage your target audience! Send e-mails or text messages, initiate chat sessions from your IM client, pop up polls, convert your text messages into speech and make calls etc. Discover which are best for your business!

  • Enter the world of

    Providing the basic game mechanics such as scores, tags, badges and behaviour tracking, 8digits helps you to pep up your audience. You can build your own gamified applications by using these mechanics and make them have fun during their visit as well as increasing their loyalty. So, let the game begin!

  • SaaS and
    E-Commerce oriented

    If you sell goods and/or services through your website or provide membership, you must try 8digits! You'll find a good number of scenarios based on purchase and subscription.

  • Enterprise features
    for big players

    "8digits Enterprise" is available for all businesses which work very hard to value their audience greatly. It provides all targeting features of 8digits, as well as a world class web / mobile analytics and an automatic customer behaviour detection platform. For more information and support, please take a look at our corporate section.

  • Reports
    and Metrics

    Who did what, when and how many times? You'll see the results of your audience's actions and your scenarios' by figures, export and save reports.

We have an all free plan.
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If you have a traffic with less than 10.000 unique customers per month, you can continue using 8digits for "free". No strings attached! We don't even ask for your credit card information during sign up.